Friday, May 25, 2007

10,001...and counting! How will the media destroy Ron Paul?

As of yesterday at 4:46 p.m.
ET, Congressman Ron Paul's
YouTube channel registered
10,001 subscribers! Dr. Paul
now has nearly twice as many
subscribers as Barack Obama
who is in second place.
Here are the current numbers:
Paul - 10,001
Obama - 5,768
Clinton - 3,212
Edwards - 2,764
Romney - 2,014
Kucinich - 1,732
Giuliani - 1,389
McCain - 1,259
Gravel - 885
Richardson - 790
Biden - 589
Hunter - 402
Dodd - 230
Huckabee - 205
Tancredo - 190
Brownback - 96
Gilmore - 50.

We all know the drill by now.

Whenever a politician with
character and principles throws
his hat in the ring the media
descends on him like feral hounds
on a pork chop. It’ll be no different
with Paul. The only difference
is that we should all be aware
of what’s really going on. Did
you see the Republican debates?
Paul won hands-down. He stood
out in a crowd of colorless toadies
and became an overnight sensation
on the internet. In fact, an ABC
survey showed that Paul won the
first debate with an 85% majority;
while C-SPAN showed him at 70%.
Maybe the stats are just a fluke
of internet voting, but it’s sure
made the boys in the boardrooms

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